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Constantly shifting dynamics of market and global competition push manufacturers to adapt current conditions and be innovative. We are at a time where only the companies that foresee the necessities of the industry and take precautions thrive and succeed. Case Tracker 600 is the result of vast know how and Duas engineering inspired by the requests of our customers. .

As an end of line solution provider, Duas lends both ears to its clients’ concerns, cares about their priorities and designs state of the art tailor made packing machines that maximize productivity. High speed, high efficiency, high quality, operator friendly use come along with Case Tracker 600 and leave no place for worry by being a flexible end of line solution unit. Quick format change over, simple configuration and reconfiguration options when combined with this affordable and cost saving machine make Case Tracker 600 a wise investment opportunity for manufacturers from a variety of different industries.

Technical Specifications
Pack input speed* up to 600 Packs/minute
Number of Maximum Cycles* up to 150 Cycles/minute.
Machine Dimensions Width = 3500 mm
Length = 14000 mm
Height = 2500 mm
Width (w)= 150 / 350 mm
Length (l)= 200 / 450 mm
Height (h)= 120 / 450 mm
Case Magazine 80 - 150 Cases(May change according to the thickness of cardboard)
Box Speed 25 - 30 boxes/minute.
* Maximum product feeding capacity depends on the layout of product in the box and quantity .