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DUAS, with more than twenty years of R&D, production and service experience in machinery and technology, was founded in order to offer flexible and efficient end of line solutions according to our clients’ needs. Up to date DUAS pioneers in innovation.

Our clients’ expectations and demands shift due to the changing market conditions, for them not to stay behind in an intense competitive environment, we help them to retain and grow their market share by fulfilling their requirements fast and effectively.

With our client satisfaction focused project management systems, which makes us the sector leader in the areas of innovation and development, we meet the end of line automation demands rapidly, accurately and efficiently. As a result of all these activities, our machines have became highly preferable at the end of hygienic goods production lines in a very short time.

Founded in 2014 in Izmir, Turkey, DUAS harvests its power from development and production of paper /nonwoven converting, packaging and lid applicator machines for prominent manufacturers of the World. Combining technical expertise, superior quality understanding and the most importantly experience coming from serving clients in more than forty countries, DUAS is able to offer innovative end of line solution to the clients who have different needs in various sectors.

D UAS’s first design Casemaster WW can adaptable to many sectors due to its flexibility and practicality. Casemaster WW makes our clients’ production fast, easy and effective by working at the end of hygienic and cosmetic goods production lines.

D UAS conducts many new project preparations by watching the sector closely, evaluating client feedback and constant R&D approach.

Our Clients

      Since the first day DUAS was founded, our main objective has been unconditional client satisfaction. We analyze the technical and operational needs and expectations. Our motto is being able to offer our customers flexible, efficient, state of the art end of line solutions beyond their expectations.

Our Teammates

     We are well aware that our most important asset is our know-how and experience. To achieve that, the key point is requiring a strong and a productive team work. Therefore our teammates who are specialized in their fields are our most important values..

Natural and Social Environment

     Another important principle of DUAS is sustaining its activities compatibly with the natural and social environment. By protecting and contributing to the environment which we are part of we show our determination to build a better and sustainable world for the future.